Carbon Debit starting date

Carbon debit starting date refers to the date from which carbon debits can be issued for a project that is certified under the Global Carbon Standard (GCS). This date marks the beginning of the period for which emissions reductions from the project can be credited. The carbon debit starting date is determined based on the registration date of the project and it is recorded in the GCS registry along with the other information about the project, such as its name, proponent, project type, country, and annual CO2 absorption.

This information is important because it allows the GCS registry to track when the carbon debits can be issued and also to understand when the project starts to provide emissions reductions. It also helps to track and verify the authenticity of the carbon debits and their origin. The carbon debit starting date can be different from the registration date, as it depends on the readiness of the project to start reducing emissions and it will be determined by the independent third-party auditor.

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